Community Youth Programming & Resources

  We support youth to be active and participatory members in our community. We believe that youth will be instilled with the confidence and capacity to successfully manage their future and role model for the generations to come through with our support as follow:
  • culture and language development,
  • preservation and revitalization,
  • working with youth to draw on and realize their skills and attributes,
  • supporting youth and guiding their aspirations,
  • facilitating access and providing safe environments, and
  • encouraging youth to take advantage of opportunities.
A diverse range of activities are coordinated weekdays after school, in the evenings, and on Saturdays. During the summer months/school closures, programming is delivered afternoons and evenings, 5-6 days per week. Initiatives include:creating Art/Crafts,
  • participating in Gym Nights and Outdoor sport/recreation activities,
  • discovering and engaging in Aboriginal culture traditions,
  • learning about nutrition, healthy relationships, personal development and safety,
  • engaging in community initiatives and events,
  • Volunteering, and
  • Social Nights.
Youth participate in monthly Youth Advisory Meetings to talk about upcoming opportunities, share interests or issues that they would like more information on, plan activities, community involvement, and volunteering events to engage in. Programming content is age-appropriate, as are time frames; earlier hours are scheduled for younger age groups and later times are for older age groups. For Program information, call 1-204-687-8859, or the Youth Line at 1-204-687-8857.