In May, 2014 a study was conducted on homelessness in Flin Flon by Dr. Evelyn Peters, of the University of Winnipeg, and Shelly Craig, Executive Director of the Flin Flon Aboriginal Friendship Centre. The Study has concluded that a significant homeless population exists in Flin Flon. The National acerage of the homeless population is 0.5%. Flin Flon homeless population is almost double at 0.9%. (1.7% including couch surfers).

The Status quo of emergency cervices of community organizations,  governments, and non-profits to address homelessness is very expensive. In 2007, Canadian tax payers spent $4.5 Р&6 billion on homelessness. In 2013, that amount grew to 7.05 billion


Homeless people are….

  1. 29x more likely to have Hepatitis C
  2. 20x more likely to have epilepsy
  3. 5 x more likely to have heart disease
  4. 4x more likely to have cancer
  5. 3.5x more likely to have asthma
  6. 3x more likely to have arthritis or rheumatism


On Average monthly cost of housing someone while homeless

  • Shelter Bed – $1,932
  • Provincial Jail – $4.333
  • Hospital Bed – $10,900
  • Rental Supplement – $701
  • Social Hosing – $199.92